wetweork on onion

Wetwork on onion means to hire a hitman on the dark web

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wetwork onion

Wet work is a mafia expression meaning to spill blood or to kill. Wetwork on onion refers to the act of hiring a hitman on the Dark Web.

Onion is a special protocol that hides the IP of the visitor and the IP of the web host, so that neither the visitor nor the web host can be tracked by the Police, and is provided by the Tor Browser

Law enforcement can't arrest the customers and can't shut down the web hosting of hitmen sites that are hosted through the onion protocol of the dark web unless these customers make mistakes of giving away their identity or accepting to meet hitmen in person.

Criminals are smart and know how to use smartphones and computers, and they have gathered together in marketplaces and forums on the dark web Dark Web

They sell drugs, guns, counterfeit currency and lots of other illegal items and services

Hitmen services are illegal, and the FBI and police are working to put an end to them.

Hitmen sites are of two types: Hitmen Sites on Clear Net such as Rent-A-Hitman.com and Hitmen Sites on the Dark Web like the Mexican Mafia, Russian Mafia, etc.

The majority of hitmen sites are FAKE, as reported by users, however, a small number of them are REAL and have reports of people being killed by hitmen who take orders online

All mafias, including the Mexican mafia, Russian mafia, and Italian mafia offer services on the dark web.

The Tor Browser can be used to visit websites that are hosted on the Dark Web. The Hitmen services on the Dark Web, can not be accessed with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

If you are unfamiliar with the term "Dark Web," please read up on it at a What is the dark web?. To learn more about the dark web markets and the onion services , go to What exactly are the Darkweb Markets?

Note: Use the Tor Browser to access the websites on the dark web. Using any other browser won't work! Read more about the browser that is used by millions of people to access the dark web Tor Browser

The list of hire a hitman services according to how they are found on the net.

rent a hitman
    Rent a Hitman More Info and Proof is a Scam
rent a hitman scam

Url: rentahitman .com

Cost to hire a killer: $5 000       More than 19 years

Reputation: Bad

Security: None, email communication

This site is well positioned in search results on Google, for keywords like hire a hitman.

However the site is a joke and a parody, luring customers into ordering services that will put the customer to meet in person with an undercover cop.

The undercover cop will secretly record the customer while he asks for a person to be killed, and then will arrest the customer for solicitation of murder.

The Internet is full of news and reports of people being arrested because of it

hire a hitman

Mexican Mafia Marketplace More Info and Proof is Real

Tor Url: http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion

Price for murder: $60 000 - $80 000 with a $5 000 minimum and no maximum

Reputation: 5 Stars! One of the few Real Hitmen Sites

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, Encrypted Communication, Mixer

One of the real hire a hitman service around. Unlike other hitmen services, this is a marketplace, meaning that any hitman can sign up anonymously, do a test order, get approved, and then provide services for the customers.

Top quality and affordable prices. Criminals steal a car or motorcycle and wait at a specified address to see the target as in the picture they receive. Once they positively confirm the target, they shoot the target and then drive away, abandoning the car.

This has the best reputation among criminals about hitman services offering wetwork on onion . Shot and run murder of the average person costs $60 000 for the average person, down to $5000 in countries where the prices are very cheap while killing an important person that is armed or has bodyguards can go up to $180 0000, depending on target difficulty.

Offers built-in escrow, accepts external escrows, 0% advance, and payment with bitcoin anonymously, they do not ask for customer details. Jobs get done in 7-14 days. This hire of a killer service can make it look like an accident. Has a built-in encrypted communication system to allow customers to talk to hitmen and admins.

Read more about it at Mexican Mafia Hitmen but remember that we do not encourage anyone to kill someone, instead we provide this information for educational purposes only, as light is disinfectant and exposing such sites can have them shut it down

Marks killed by this hire at a hitman service have been reported in the news.


A user with the username itmmh on the Mexican Mafia website, posted on 22 April 2023 that he needs a drug lord kingpin in Sidney shot dead...

hire a hitman

Several hitmen replied, and it looks like one of them did the killing, as you can see on the forum thread


Note that the forum thread started long before the guy was killed, so they look like they did something on it

Another example of a news story that links a murder to the Mexican Mafia


Form more hitmen services you can view our Hire a hitman list, and you can also join our fight against hitmen sites

hire a killer
    Hire a Killer
hire an hitman scam

Url: hireakiller .io

Cost to hire a killer: $15 000       Less than 1 years

Reputation: Bad

Security: No escrow, email communication

This is another hire a hitman site that appears in the top 10 results when searching.

This hire a killer site resides on a clear web. Has spammy techniques and display of content. This hitman service does not have encrypted communication or built-in escrow, and its prices are higher than those of other services. This hire a killer service asks for 80% payment, which, after customers pay, the owner does not reply to them anymore. There are scam complaints about them all over the Internet

hire a killer
    The Sinaloa Cartel

Tor Url: http://jgs7leihd3enpo6b7fjlryxwg2x5ox7yp6ln5wpfimzcaktgxwrvuoqd.onion

Price for killer: $10 000 - $80 000           Established 3 years ago

Reputation: Good

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, Encrypted Communication, Mixer

A hitmen service provided by the well known Mexican drug cartel. Prices are between $10 000 to several hundred thousand for the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and China. No advance payments are required, they too have built-in escrow and accept external escrows. The killers here can make it look like an accident or robbery gone wrong. Full customer anonymity. Has built-in encrypted communication system.

hire an assassin
hire an hitman scam

Url: assassinations .io

Cost to hire a killer: $10 000       Less than 1 years

Reputation: Bad

Security: No escrow, email communication

This assassination site resides on a clear web. It asks for advance payments of 70% and is a known scam. There are scam complaints about them all over the Internet

hire an assassin
    Destruction Network

Tor Url: http://killwmjzdv6tyzarysmcljxguxiiuuy3ed6i25xyneojwkybx5os2wyd.onion/

Cost for murder: $5 000 - $20 000           Provide services for 2 years

Reputation: Poor

Security: None

A very simple hire an assassin site that seems to be offering the services of one hitman only. He is providing his email address to be contacted.

hire an hitman
    The Responsive Hitman

Tor Url: http://e6zalzh2446osqi5se4kh3qmiptwquurpbgdybbbo424qmws4ibar2id.onion/

Cost for murder: $5 000 - $20 000           Provide services for 2 years

Reputation: Poor

Security: None

A simple hire a hitman site that seems to be offering the services of one hitman only. He is providing his email address to be contacted.

If you want to visit these hitmen sites on the dark web download the Tor browser for free from https://www.torproject.org/download/

And then start browsing the Dark Web by visiting sites like the Mexican Mafia http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion

How people hire hitmen without being scammed or arrested

People who want someone dead are criminals. We don't help them, we don't encourage them, we just expose the methods they use to avoid being arrested or scammed.

They never pay anything upfront. They always pay after the job has been successful.

This way, if they don't pay any advance, they can't be scammed. Several hitmen sites on the dark web accept full payment after the job has been completed, including the Mexican mafia.

Is important to mention that they could ask for proof of funds before they start the job. This is to ensure that they don't tricked into doing killings by people who have no money. The proof of funds is usually provided by showing evidence of BTC. The bitcoin will remain in the customer's possession until the work is done.

Customers never disclose their identity and they never meet the hitman in person.

This way, they can't be arrested. No one knows who they are. They hide their IP, they don't use their credit card or their bank account, and they don't use cash to pay the hitman in person.

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