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Mexican Mafia Hitmen Reputation and Reviews on Darkweb

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First, please note that we provide details about this dark web service for informational purposes only.

Light is a disinfectant and we present the Mexican Mafia hitmen marketplace on the dark web, a real hire a hitman service so that law enforcement can fight against it .

hire a hitman
    Mexican Mafia hitmen marketplace is one of the few real hitmen sites and one of the cruelest murder for hire services offering services in the entire world, USA, EU, Russia, China

The is an online community of gang members and criminals that offer guns for sale, poisons that are untraceable and undetectable, drugs, counterfeit items, fake documents, immigration documents, as well as people to get married to obtain legal visas to stay in the western countries.

Customers from the entire world anonymously access their website to hire a hitman or assassin to kill, revenge or kidnap, to buy poisons, guns, fake documents, drugs, guns or counterfeit items or to find people that are willing to marry for a fixed amount of money so that you can get legal VISA and immigration documents to stay in the USA or European Countries

To kill a person usually costs about $60 000 - $80 000 USD, by a professional team, with some cases of killing done lower for like $10 000 or $5 000 by untrained low level gang members who just steal a car, grab a gun and wait for the target in the parking lot, and in cases of very important people it can cost $120 000 or $200 000 or even more depending on the target difficulty

To kidnap a person costs $30 000 to $60 000 or more, depending on the target difficulty.

The Mexican Mafia does not ask for customer information, and customers hide their IP and are anonymous when the customers ask for services like kidnap, killing, etc .

Customers always pay after they receive the goods or services, they only provide proof that they have the money before asking the delivery

The Mexican Mafia website is on the dark web, where the IP and hosting are anonymous, and can't be shut down by law enforcement.

This site is on the dark web. If you are not familiar with Dark Web read more about it on trusted sources such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market

This site can be opened with the Tor Browser only! One needs to download the Tor Browser before trying to access the site. Trying to open with other browsers won't work. Read more about Tor on Wikipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_

Url: http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion

In this article we are going to prove 2 things:

1. That hitmen on the dark web exist and kill people

2. Mexican Mafia is one of them.

To prove that something exists, we must look at the definition of it, and then see if that thing exists in reality, according to acceptable evidence.

According to the dictionary, a hitman is "a person who is paid to kill someone, especially for a criminal or political organization.":

hire a hitman

Any person who is paid and kills someone with success, is a hitman, regardless if is young or old, ugly or awesome, or if he wears a suit or a t-shirt.

We can all agree that hitmen exist in reality, working for criminal organizations and killing people.

But do they exist on the dark web?

A hitman on the dark web, is just a hitman who takes orders through the dark web, is paid and kills someone.

Lt Col Shishkina

You can google Lt Col Shishkina to find articles about this murder.

Many articles about Police investigating the first dark web murder that they found out about. There were many murders before this one but the hitmen were smart enough to not get caught. In this case the hitmen were teenagers who were inexperienced and they got caught.

You will find news articles like:


The men who killed a Russian police detective last year were reportedly hired on the Darknet


First investigated dark web murder, and first proven dark web murder, BUT NOT THE FIRST DARK WEB MURDER .

These two kids, fulfill the description of a hitman, because they were paid to kill someone, and they killed the target.

These two kids, fulfill the definition of a hitman on the dark web, because they advertised their hitman services on the dark web, they got a customer through the dark web, they got paid by this customer, and they killed the target.

As a result, no one can say there are no hitmen on the dark web.

Because these two kids, match the definition of a hitman, and as a result they are hitmen.

Newbies, inexperienced, but nevertheless hitmen.

And because they conducted their business on the dark web, they are hitmen on the dark web.

They are not the only ones. There are other hitmen on the dark web as well. Smarter. More experienced. These do not get caught.

We don't advise anyone to hire a hitman or to kill. We just say there are hitmen sites that should be closed down

There are hundreds of well experienced killers smart enough to know how to use a computer or to hide their IP when advertising killing services. They take orders on the dark web, do the jobs, and get away with it without being caught. Because they are experienced and leave no evidence.

There are less experienced killers, such as teenagers who want to be killers. They don't have a gun but they do get orders online on the dark web. If they get the payment and a gun they do the murder and then they get arrested. Then the arrest hits the news to prove that THERE ARE REAL HITMEN ON DARK WEB.

Anyone claiming there are no real hitmen on the dark web is wrong. The less skilled killers that get arrested prove that there are hitmen on the dark web.

Abdulaziz Abdulazizov and a friend advertised their hitman services on a dark web marketplace called Hydra. They got a customer that paid them $15 000 USD, to do the assassination. They didn't have a gun so the customer had to provide a gun for them. The customer asked them to kill a police officer, Yevgeniya Shishkina, and they did.

Later on they were arrested and charged with the murder. Because they were inexperienced they got traced.

2. Mexican Mafia is a real hitmen site where people can order killings, kidnappings and other illegal things anonymously, while they pay for it with bitcoin through escrow

Price for murder: $5 000 - $180 000 , with an average of $60 000 to $80 000

Reputation among criminals : Great

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, Encrypted Communication, Mixer

Dark web experts claim this is one of the legitimate hire a hitman services.

Top quality and affordable prices. Hitmen usually steal a car, wait for the target in the parking lot, shoot the target several times and then drive away at speed, abandoning the car.

This site is on the dark web. If you are not familiar with Dark Web read more about it on trusted sources such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market

This site can be opened with the Tor Browser only! One needs to download the Tor Browser before trying to access the site. Trying to open with other browsers won't work. Read more about Tor on Wikipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_

The Mexican Mafia hire a hitman site is under DDOS attacks from law enforcement, periodically, causing the site to work slow or be unreachable at times.

If it doesn't work when you are trying to access it, please try again later.

Url: http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion

Marks killed by this hire at a hitman service have been reported in the news.


A user with the username itmmh on the Mexican Mafia website, posted on 22 April 2023 that he needs a drug lord kingpin in Sidney shot dead...

hire a hitman

Several hitmen replied, and it looks like one of them did the killing, as you can see on the forum thread


Note that the forum thread started long before the guy was killed, so they look like they did something on it

Another example of a news story that links a murder to the Mexican Mafia


I've decided to investigate this, and I've logged on to the Mexican Mafia forum.

I've found another discussion by a member named Stone


The messages begin with the time stamp of June 25, which is 20 days before the killing. “Hi, There is a journalist who irritates me, and I want him dead,” a user says. “My boss gave me the assignment to assassinate him, but he permitted me to outsource the work. Due to his escape from two previous assassination attempts in 2017 and 2019, I need two experienced hitmen to go after him and fire simultaneously. I’ll pay $80,000 for the job. Anyone interested should message me.”

hire a hitman

Matus, who edited an online news outlet called Lo Real De Guerrero, had indeed survived two attempts on his life in 2017 and 2019. However, a payment of $80,000 would be extremely high by Mexican standards. There are thugs on the street who will kill someone for as little as $100. Still, there are teams of professional killers in Latin America who carry out high-profile assassinations across borders for tens of thousands of dollars.

Several people appear to offer to do the hit including one who says, “I have a partner we can go there and do this. I ask for a 0% advance, but I need to see proof of funds in escrow before I start. You won’t be disappointed if you give this job to me.”

hire a hitman

An escrow is a third party who will store money and release it upon satisfactory completion of a job. The dark web has its own escrow services that store money for shady deals.

The alleged contractor goes on with more details. “I have his picture, and his home address, but he does not live there he is hiding. He is a journalist for Lo Real de Guerrero so maybe you can wait for him at the work address and then follow him from there to a place where you can shoot him. If he does not come to work you will need to find another way to track him down and kill him. Yes, escrow is fine with me. I will use the built-in escrow on this site but I will only send the funds to any of you who completed this work.”

hire a hitman

The conversation then goes into private messaging in which an assassin is supposedly selected. On July 4, another user inquires how the job is going and the supposed hit man confirms he is on the case. “I got the fake documents and I am flying there in the next few days with my partner. I have a connection there to get unregistered automatic guns to use for this, and we are going to steal some car. This will go well.”

hire a hitman

The message thus implies the assassins are coming from outside of Mexico, possibly from the United States, to commit the murder. There is a huge number of paid hit men within Mexico. However, I have found evidence of former U.S. soldiers coming over the border to do work for cartels. And buying automatic weapons in Mexico is easy, as I detail in my book Blood Gun Money.

Matus was killed at about 3 pm on July 15, a Saturday. At the time stamp of 11:13 PM, the supposed assassin writes an entry. “The work is completed! I found him in Acapulco, and drove after him a while until got the moment to shoot him in the parking lot of some store. We shoot them dead, he dropped dead we are sure he can’t be brought back in hospital. Please check and convince yourself he is dead. I sent you a few pictures of him at the position before we quickly drove away, but you can verify on your own with the morgue or in any other way to see if he is dead. Please send me the bitcoin.”

hire a hitman

The following day at the time stamp of 11:16 pm, the supposed contractor replies. “Thank you! He is dead, good job. I got the pictures, and I also checked with my people and they confirmed he is dead. I send you bitcoin from escrow.” The conversation ends.

hire a hitman

The same dark web address has various discussions about selling weapons. One that was picked up by the Mexican investigators is time stamped April 27. A buyer in Austin, Texas, is looking for an AT4, which is a shoulder fired anti-tank weapon, an M240 military machine gun, and “Willie Pete” grenades that unleash white phosphorous smoke.

While cartels can buy Kalashnikovs, AR-15s and even 50 caliber rifles in U.S. shops, the weapons mentioned are true military grade and are not for sale to the public. An alleged seller however offers the machine gun for $8,000 and anti-tank weapon for $1500. A supposed deal goes through five days later.

hire a hitman hire a hitman hire a hitman

At this time, there was intense fighting between cartels over the border in Tamaulipas, Mexico, involving improvised armored vehicles, known as monstrous. The AT4 would be effective against them, the Mexican investigators reasoned.

On May 30, a few weeks after the deal was supposedly made, news outlets reported on the photo of an alleged Gulf Cartel operative with an AT4. The Russian Embassy in Mexico insinuated it had come from Ukraine. However, it seems far more likely it was from an illegal source closer by.

hire a hitman

The killers of the journalist Nelson Matus Peña were hired on the dark web marketplace called Mexican Mafia that is still active.

The killers have not been yet arrested, so they are probably accepting new orders from other people and they are killing targets

Apart from them there are many other killers on the Mexican Mafia marketplace who are taking orders and killing people

Note that law enforcement wants to scare away people from using real hitmen sites, by spreading misinformation that all hitmen sites are fake.

Of course, hitmen sites are not all fake, some are fake, and some are real, as news and evidence suggest.

Those people who post on various sites saying all hitmen sites are fake, are undercover cops

How do customers stay safe when ordering a Hitman?

They never meet with the hitman in person. This way, they can't be arrested or blackmailed.

They don't pay with cash. This way they can't be robbed.

They pay with bitcoin, after the job has been done. They only show proof of funds before the job.

How it usually goes?

The customer decides on the budget. The average price for a hit in the USA, Europe, Australia and other developed countries is around $80 000 USD.

This can be lower for some easier to get targets, or higher for difficult to get targets.

Each customer decides how much he wants to put on the target head. The more he puts, the better skilled who are willing to take the job.

Some Hitmen sites, like the Mexican Mafia have a minimum of $5000 for a hit. These minimums are for poor and undeveloped countries, like Mexico or India

Without a minimum, people could submit orders and offer prices like $40 or $200. That is too little for a hit, even in Mexico.

After the customer decides on the budget, ex $80 000 USD, he exchanges it for bitcoin on a crypto marketplace.

What is bitcoin and how do you pay with it?

On Mexican Mafia marketplace, customers pay with bitcoin AFTER THE JOB HAS BEEN DONE.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency used online.

It can be used for legal purposes, such as investing, and it is not illegal to buy bitcoin.

Many people buy bitcoin in trading sites such as http://paxful.com and http://coinbase.com.

Most crypto marketplaces require an ID as they are required by the law.

Is not a problem to purchase bitcoin with an ID, because bitcoin can be purchased legally as an investment.

However, the trick that many customers use, they create a second bitcoin wallet, on an anonymous wallet, such as


or application wallets such as electrum https://electrum.org .

It is used by millions of people, and is fully anonymous. One can download it and create free bitcoin wallets without providing his name or details.

By sending funds to a secondary wallet that is anonymous, the person can say he donated the funds to charity or he lost it on some gambling sites, if anyone asks what he did with the funds .

The secondary wallet is anonymous and no one knows who it belongs to.

From this secondary wallet, the customer can provide proof of funds and he can pay the hitman after the job is done

All bitcoin sites are accepted, as all bitcoin sites provide the same kind of bitcoin.

From the anonymous wallet, the customer can send the bitcoin to the Mexican Mafia Hitmen Marketplace or another anonymous wallet.

Mexican Mafia asks for no advances. However, they do ask for proof of funds before starting the job, or else, anyone with no money could ask them to kill anything.

The proof of funds is provided by showing them you have BTC ready.

This can be done by putting BTC in any wallet that allows you to show people your balance, with a VIEW CODE.

Such a wallet is Anonymous Wallet


One can also provide proof of funds by placing funds in an escrow, such as

tor escrow

The Tor Escrow


An excellent bitcoin escrow on the dark web. Millions of people use the Tor Escrow as a way to ensure a reliable and flawless purchase of goods and services

crypto escrow

Crypto Vault Bitcoin Escrow


One of the best bitcoin escrow services on the dark web. Anonymous, you can sell and buy illegal goods and services and pay after the goods or services have been delivered.

An escrow is a middle service between the customer and the vendor providing the services, that stores the payment in a secure vault until the vendor gives the goods or the services and the customer is satisfied.

Read more about escrows https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escrow

It takes about 7-14 days for a job to be completed by the Mexican Mafia gang members, according to statements on their site. This rent a hitman service can make it look like an accident. It has a built-in encrypted communication system to allow customers to talk to hitmen and admins.

The Mexican Mafia marketplace is one of the few real hire a hitman websites on the Dark Web

Download the Tor Browser if you don't have it already


And then visit the Mexican Mafia marketplace on Dark Web at their address


Note that the Tor Browser hides your IP, so they don't know who is visiting.

You can remain fully anonymous when placing an order, by not providing your real name, address, phone number or bank account

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