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News on hire a hitman services, wetwork on onion mean to hire a killer

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On hire a hitman we present you with news and stories about hire a hitman services . Wetwork on onion reffers to spilling blood, aka to hire a killer. See disclaimer

We checked all the hitman services we could find on the Internet and listed them here with comments from users. Visitors report that some hire a hitman services are real and some are fake.

hire a hitman

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Hitmen services are illegal, Police and the FBI try to shut them down.

To avoid being shut down most how to hire a hitman websites are hosted on Dark Web and are accessed with the Tor Browser. Hitmen services on Dark Web can not be accessed with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, but only with the Tor Browser .

Read more about dark web on What is Dark web . See What are the Darkweb Markets

Note: Use the Tor Browser to access the websites below. Using any other browser won't work! Read more about the browser that is used by millions of people to access the dark web Tor Browser

Some hire a hitman websites are under DDOS attacks from law enforcement, making the websites slow or unreachable at times, this is why when visitors can't reach the sites they usually try again later

hire a hitman
    Mexican Mafia Hitmen Marketplace


Average price to hire a hitman: $5 000 - $20 000 for the average joe and $60 000 - $80 000 for important people           Online for 4 years

Reputation: Very good

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, Encrypted Communication, Mixer

They claim this is one of the best reputations hire a hitman services. Top quality and affordable prices. Shot and run murder of the average person cost $5000 while killing an important person that is armed or has bodyguards can go up to $60000 .

Marks killed by this hire a hitman service have been reported in the news.

Note that law enforcement wants to scare away people from contacting real hitmen for hire services, by spreading misinformation that the websites are fake.

Unfortunately, many people do not trust information from Police news stories, because that is meant to scare away people from using the real contract killing services, while asking people to use their honeypots hire a killer services

Law enforcement can not do accessory to murder by providing the real name and addresses of their honeypots and fake hitmen for hire traps that they use to arrest criminals

Mexican Mafia hitmen marketplace offers built-in escrow, accepts external escrows, 0% advance, payment with bitcoin anonymously. This rent a hitman service claims they can make it look like an accident for $9000. It has a built-in encrypted communication system to allow customers to contact to hitmen and admins.

hire a killer
    Mexican Hitmen


Price to rent a killer: $10000 - $20000           Established 3 years ago

Reputation: Good

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, contact the hitmen by encrypted communication, Mixer

A hire a killer service provided by the well known Mexican drug cartel. Prices are between $10000 to several hundred thousand for the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and China. No advance payments are required, they have built-in escrow, and accept external escrows. Some people contact the killers here to have their murder look like an accident or robbery gone wrong. Has built-in encrypted communication system.

russian hitmen
    Hitmen from russia
hire an assassin
    Destruction Network


Price to hire a contract killer: $5000 - $20000           2 years of activity

Feedback: Poor

Security: None

A very simple hire an assassin website that seems to be offering the services of one killer only. He is providing his email address to be contacted.

hire an hitman
    The Responsive Hitman


Cost to hire a killer: $5000 - $20000           2 years of services

Feedback: Poor

Security: None

A simple hire an assassin website that seems to be offering the services of one hired hitman only. He is providing his email address for contact.

rent a hitman
    THE LOYAL International Contract Killer


Cost to rent a killer : $5000 - $20000           2 years of activity

Reputation: Poor

Security: None

A very simple hire an assassin website that seems to be offering the services of one hired hitman only. Customers contact this hitman by email address.

hire an assassin
    Asian Hitman


Cost for hiring an assassin: $20000 - $60000

Feedback: Poor

A contract killer providing assassination services in Asia. Seems to offer chat on website but was not working at the time we check

hire an assassin
    Corona Hitmen


Cost for hiring this hitman: $20000 - $60000

Reputation: Poor

Not sure if the hitman's name refers to the corona virus like killing by infecting with the virus or if he refers to the corona bear, but one thing is sure the assassin website name is corona and one can contact this assassin by an email address

hire an assassin
    Undercover Hitman


Charge for murder: $5000 - $20000

Reputation: Poor

This assassin has a very simple page where customers can contact him by email address

hitman service
    Dark Mamba Dead


Charge to hire a killer: $30000

Reputation: Poor

A hire an assassin service that has one page. Just one page where customers can see how much does it cost to hire an assassin and contact the hitman by the email address where to send orders to rent a hitman. Dark Mamba hire a killer service is a scam

hire a killer
    Hire a Killer
hire an hitman scam


Cost to hire a killer: $15000

Reputation: Bad

This rent a hitman website resides on a clear web. has spammy techniques and display of content. This hitman service does not have encrypted communication or built in escrow and its prices are higher than other services. This rent a hitman service asks for 80% payment . There are scam complaints about them all over the Internet

hire an assassin
hire an hitman scam


Cost to rent a hitman: $10000

Reputation: Bad

This assassination website resides on a clear web. Asks for advance payments of 70% and is a known scam. There are scam complaints about them all over the Internet

hire a hitman black mob
    Black Mob Dead


Price to rent a killer: $10000

Reputation: Bad - Possible scam

This rent a killer website is a clone of a popular killer service that was closed.

hire an assassin vanetti mob
    Vanetti Mob Dead


Cost to rent a hitman: $10000 - $15000

Reputation: Bad - Possible scam

This hire a killer service copied text and graphics from a well known scam hitman website. This hitman service is also a scam and has scam reports all over the Internet.

hitman service murder incorporated
    murder incorporated Dead


Cost to rent a hitman: $10000

Reputation: Bad - Possible scam

This hire a killer service asks for advance payment and to contact the hitman by email address. This assassin service is a known scam and there are scam complaints about this killer service all over the internet.

kxesodo3c6cid7mp.onion - Chapel - Scam

Dead hitman services

Hitman services that are offline and have been offline for a long time.


assassinuyy7h425.onion assassination Network

6nigkq2azpbeg2fa.onion Hire @ Hitman

yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3.onion - VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service

dtt6tdtgroj63iud.onion - Torminator

idomquol7lannf22.onion - The Mechanic

assassinec3wumxw.onion - The Assassins

Hitmen for hire


There is the news about people being arrested when trying to hire a hitman on a dark alley who was in fact an undercover cop.

To avoid being arrested, criminals never meet a contract killer in person. They want to stay anonymous when they hire a hitman .

This way, they can not be arrested. An undercover cop can't arrest someone who is anonymous and never meets the hitman hired to kill the person .

To stay anonymous they never pay with a credit card or a bank wire for the killing because this would expose their identity.

Many people prefer to pay with bitcoin when they hire a hitman, because bitcoin is anonymous when you use an anonymous wallet.

Buying hitmen services is like buying a car or a house, the more they offer when they hire a hitman the smaller chances of failure and the more peace of mind.

Some hitmen services say they have gang members that are drug addicts and in debt, and they agree to steal a car and use an unregistered handgun to drive to the location of the target and wait for the target to show up and shoot the target dead for $5000 and then drive away.

Before ordering a killer for hire service most people usually prepare bitcoin to pay once the mark is dead. They consider it is not safe to meet a killer in person to pay with cash as the hitman could be an undercover cop, or he could run away with the 50% cash advance.

The average hitmen services kill for about $5000 by shooting and driving away. For $10000 they make it look like a car accident, a robbery gone wrong or other ways to ensure police don't search for a hitman.


Each person usually has a budget in mind. So whatever a customer can afford to pay, first he changes it to bitcoin, and then he will browse the hitmen services and find a hitman to hire that accepts to be paid that amount.

The advantage of paying with bitcoin on the dark web through escrow is that the customer is always anonymous and can't be scammed.

Law enforcement can not close the hire a hitman websites because these are hosted offshore on anonymous servers that have their hosting and IP hidden through encrypted layers on the Tor Browser.

Hitmen on dark alleys versus hitmen online

A long time ago, people could only hire a hitman on dark alleys from local mafia.

As most businesses have moved online, so did the criminals. Is not difficult for a criminal to learn to use a computer, nor to learn how to hide his IP, and provide services anonymously. Dark Web Marketplaces provide illegal drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, and other illegal services.

hire a hitman

People prefer to look for real hitmen online because they are anonymous. Finding a hitman online has never been easier and one can hire an assassin and pay him with bitcoin to complete a killing in 3-4 days

For a person that doesn't have many gang-related connections, to hire a hitman online is much easier.

Hitmen advertise their services online on illegal markets. Why? Because the dark web allows illegal things such as drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, stolen credit cards, and hitmen. Not all of them accept hitmen but some of them do.


This website is informational for educational purposes only, we do not encourage anyone to hire a hitman or use hitman services to commit murders.

Please do not kill anyone, and please do not get involved in any illegal activities.

We post accurate information about various topics of the Dark Web, such as hitmen, guns, illegal drugs, fake currency, etc under the law of free speech, just as wikipedia does and just as many other websites do.

Do we do not promote illegal services, and we do not encourage anyone to do illegal things

We present these hire a hitman services because the light is a disinfectant and it helps authorities to shut them down. Some people might be legitimately interested in real hitman services for cases when they want to write a book, or they might want to write movie scripts about how hitman services can be hired online.


When using hitman services , many people try to avoid being arrested or scammed by remaining anonymous and by not paying upfront.


It is common on dark web users to use escrows such as http://u7oaacqybdnuyzt4nswf7pz4n4fzeqcs3h7zbft6dzbt3r6lowsfipid.onion . Escrows are secure vaults where the funds are stored securely in the customer possession until the killing is completed.

Hire an Assassin Stories

Here are some hire an assassin stories about hitmen and murderers.

Hire a hitman story 1           Hire a hitman story 2           Hitman Services Story 1           Hitman Services Story 2          


Real killers over history are also presented on Wikipedia or other informative websites .

bbc.com/news/technology-47747357 - Russian police probe 'dark net' murder case, where a customer hires two killers on the dark web to kill a Russian police officer. The murder gets done and the police officer is shot dead. The hired killers are arrested because they were teenagers and did not have experience in hiding the tracks.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road_(marketplace) - Silk Road was an ancient route of goods from China to Europe, and it was the name of a modern marketplace that sold illegal goods online.

deepwebsiteslinks.com - A popular website showing various things such as hitmen, credit cards, fake currency, hackers .

ricin poison and poisoning - Ricin poison and poisoning

Hire a hitman

hire a hitman

People searching to hire a hitman usually want to find a killer that is professional and has the skills to do the job without leaving traces.

Hire a hitman How to hire a hitman.

Hire a killer

hire a killer

When people hire a killer they expect to find a low cost gang member that doesn't have a suit or stealth skills. A killer just goes to the location, shoots the target dead with any gun that he has, and then flees the scene in a stolen car.

When someone hires a killer the less they pay the bigger the risk of a failed job.

Hire a killer How to hire a killer to murder someone for cheapest

Hire an assassin

hire an assassin

People searching to hire an assassin are looking for high level professionals. An assassin is an ex-military trained killer who has great skills.

An assassin can kill important people that have bodyguards. An assassin knows how to hide his tracks. A killer just shoots the person and flees.

Hire an assassin How to hire an assassin.

Hitman service

A real hitman service that should be closed by law enforcement as soon as possible

Experts on the dark web consider this Hitman service as being one of the most reputable hitman services, based on customer reviews and trust reports. This hitman service doesn't ask for any advance .

Hitmen services

We expose the Hitmen services to have law enforcement shut down these hitmen services as soon as possible.

Some criminals look for how to contact an assassin with the intent to probably hire an assassin to murder someone, other criminals search for how to contact a contract killer to find a contract killer that will make someone disappear, while other criminals search for How to find a killer to hire for a killing job

We advise against hiring an assassin, as life is precious and cannot be reclaimed once it's lost.

Submit a hitman for hire reivew or Report fake hitmen

Quick FAQ about Hitmen Hired online

How much does a hitman cost?

A hired killer usually cost between $5 000 to $200 000 USD

Are hitmen real?

Yes, hitmen are real, however most rent a killer services online are scams

How much is it to hire a hitman ?

It is a general opinion that hitmen cost between $5 000 up to $200 000 or more depending on the difficulty of the job

How to hire a hitman ?

We don't advise you to hire a hitman and we don't provide instructions on how to hire a hitman.

How much is a hitman?

As explained above, it depends on country, difficulty of job, but the price varries between $5 000 to $200 000 USD

Can I find a hitman near me?

You should never try to find a hitman near you

How can I hire a thug, or a professional hitman?

You should not hire a professional hitman in real life because hiring a hitman is not legal

Hitmen services

We are do not promote in any way the hitmen services mentioned on this website. The purpose is to bring the matter to attention of public to have them shut down

Join our fight against hire a hitman services

Join our fight against hire a hitman services, and print flyers and spread the flyers to people in your city asking them to sign our petition

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