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There are several facts about hitman sites:

  1. Most hitman sites are real, they could not make money if they were not, people are not stupid.
  2. Police media outlets and newspaper, all, try:
    • save lives;
    • cut finances of hitman;
    • discourage “would be murderers” from placing orders
      and as a result they lie that hitman sites are fake.
  3. Media outlets and newspapers cannot ever say hitman sites are real, because critics would burn them and police would charge them for accessory to murders.
  4. Hitman sites do get hacked sometimes just like any other sites, but this only prove they are real, there are orders for people who later are found dead. Amy Allwine, shot dead on november 13th, 2016, order placed on Besa Mafia, by her husband, this is one of cases when a customer has been caught by police, hundreds other customers have not.
    Bryan Njoroge, shot dead on may 9th 2018, order placed on Chechen Mob, by a user toonbib who has not been caught, the victim was found dead, police closed that case as suicide. Even the computer, phone and camera were stolen.
  5. Customers sometimes appear to be arrested, but only when someone frames them; when someone places an order pretending to be someone else and saying “kill my ex-boyfriend”.
    David Crichton, a british doctor, who never paid bitcoins, but was framed someone else placed an order to kill his financial advisor, got arrested and got offered a deal to admit he placed an order to be forgiven by jury.
    Emanuela Consortini, was framed like someone else, that she submitted order to kill her ex-boyfriend, saying “kill my ex-boyfriend”.
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