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Mexican Mafia Hitmen Reputation and Reviews on Darkweb

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First, please note that we provide details about this dark web service for informational purposes only.

Light is a disinfectant and we present the Mexican Mafia hitmen marketplace on the dark web, a real hire a hitman service so that law enforcement can fight against it .

hire a hitman
    Mexican Mafia hitmen marketplace is one of the cruelest murder for hire services on the dark web, where people can order killings, kidnappings and other illegal things anonymously, while they pay for it with bitcoin through escrow

Url: http://uusssyqrau4h54ce7stlkemvv7jntmtexx26wtxqxlcy4256do6pr5yd.onion

Average price for murder: $5 000 - $9 000       Online for 4 years

Reputation among criminals : Great

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, Encrypted Communication, Mixer

They claim this is one of the best reputations hire a hitman services. Top quality and affordable prices. Shot and run murder of the average person cost $5 000 while killing an important person that is armed or has bodyguards can go up to $60 000, depending on target difficulty.

This site is on the dark web. If you are not familiar with Dark Web read more about it on trusted sources such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market

Note: Use the Tor Browser to access the websites on dark web . Using any other browser won't work! Read more about the browser that is used by millions of people to access the dark web Tor Browser Read more about Tor on Wikipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_ or download it from https://www.torproject.org/download/

Some hire a hitman sites are under DDOS attacks from law enforcement, making the sites slow or unreachable at times.

Marks killed by this hire at a hitman service have been reported in the news.


An user with the username itmmh on the Mexican Mafia website, posted on 22 April 2023 that he needs a drug lord kingpin in Sidney shot dead...

hire a hitman

Several hitmen replied, and it looks like one of them did the killing, as you can see on the forum thread


Note that the forum thread started long before the guy was killed, so they look like they did something on it

Another example of a news story that links a murder to the Mexican Mafia


This site is so popular and reputable, that police are trying to scare users away from it by providing false claims in some news stories that they released.

Note that law enforcement wants to scare away people from using real hitmen sites, by spreading misinformation that the sites are fake.

However, people do not trust information from Police news stories, because that is meant to scare away people from using real sites, while asking people to use their honeypots sites

Read more about why law enforcement can not do accessory to murder by providing the real names and addresses of their honeypots and fake hitmen traps that they use to arrest criminals

Offers built-in escrow, accepts external escrows, 0% advance, and payment with bitcoin anonymously, they do not ask for customer details. Jobs get done in 7-14 days. This rent a hitman service can make it look like an accident for $9000. It has a built-in encrypted communication system to allow customers to talk to hitmen and admins.

This website is the only dark web marketplace that is too complex to be a joke or a scam. Thousands of customers, visible here: http://uusssyqrau4h54ce7stlkemvv7jntmtexx26wtxqxlcy4256do6pr5yd.onion/?item=last , hundreds of criminals, great feedback everywhere, forum, are just simple proof that they are the only hitmen marketplace that we can be 100% they are real.

We do not recommend anyone to kill someone or to hire a killer, because this is illegal and immoral.

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