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How people avoid being scammed or arrested when hiring a hitman

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People ensure they don't get scammed or arrested when hiring a hitman online by following some simple rules when ordering illegal services online.

step 1

Check Credibility of each hitmen service

Do not use hitman services that do not look credible. Some hitmen sites are located on the clear web, which means they have domain names that end in .com or .net

These websites are registered on registrars that are required by law to provide the name and address of the person or company that registered that domain name to law enforcement.

For example rentahitman dot com is a fake hitman site that has caused many arrests. Google about it and you will see that it sends all customer's info to the police and they get arrested.

Choose a site that is on the dark web, ending in .onion . These sites are not registered on domain name registrars and do not provide whois info. The people providing these services are anonymous and are not known to law enforcement.

step 2

Pay safe with bitcoin through escrow

Choosing a hitman site that looks credible cuts down the risk of being scammed to 80%. But to ensure that you don't get scammed you need to only pay after the contract has been done.


That means 0% advance.

However, most hitmen are hesitant to go kill someone without having an assurance that they will be paid after the contract is executed.

How do they know the customer is not a kid or troll that has no money? Would the hitman go to kill someone and then learn the customer can't pay?

This is where escrows come in.

An escrow is a trusted 3rd party that is used by the customer and the hitman to secure the deal. The customer puts the funds in escrow, so that the hitman sees the customer can pay.

However the hitman doesn't get any part of the funds until he completes the job.

One could ask how does he know the escrow doesn't scam the customer or the hitman?

The escrow makes money by earning a commission regardless if the hitman kills the target or he fails. If the hitman kills the target, the funds are sent to the hitman. If the hitman fails to kill, the funds are sent back to the customer.

The escrow is making money in either case by earning a commission. Therefore the escrow has no reason to cheat because it makes money in either case, and if it cheats a customer or a hitman then the word spreads out and no one else will trust the escrow to do other transactions, causing the escrow to make no money.

Is therefore much safer and better for the escrow to earn a small commission out of millions of transactions, than to scam customers.

And when I say millions, I say that because escrows don't focus on securing only killing transactions, the escrow only secures transactions for drug purchases, for stolen credit card purchases, for stolen items purchases and for all kinds of illegal sales that are made online.

An escrow might have only a few hundred hitmen transactions per month, but it has thousands of transactions related to drugs, thousands related to stolen credit cards, and thousands or more related to stolen items

The best way to pay a hitman service is with bitcoin through escrow. The escrow service is a site independent of you and the hitman service, and they make money by taking a small commission from the payment to ensure that neither the customer nor the hitman doesn't scam the other.

An escrow work like this:

First you create an escrow transaction where you enter the price, the description of the job, and the expected time for delivery.

Then you put the bitcoin into escrow, to show the hitman that you have the funds ready.

Once the hitman does the job, you click on a button to release funds from escrow to the hitman. If the hitman fails to do the job you request the funds back from the escrow admin. The escrow keeps the fees whenever you get the funds back or send the funds to the seller, so they have no reason to side with you or with the hitman.

If the hitman does the job and you refuse to pay, the hitman will send a complaint to the escrow admin along with proof that he did the job, and he will request the escrow admin to send the funds to the hitman.

The escrow admin works as an arbitrator between you and the hitman.

This is why is important to choose an escrow service that accepts anonymity and illegal services.


For example, the biggest escrow site is http://www.escrow.com

This escrow site is ideal when you want to buy goods or services offshore. It accepts credit cards, checks, wire transfers as well as other methods of payments.

When you want to buy something from a seller that is not trusted, you put the funds in escrow and they keep it there until you receive the goods. You don't pay directly to avoid the hassle of going to the back and a chargeback on the credit card if you didn't receive the item.

The only problem with www.Escrow.com is that they do not accept anonymity or illegal stuff like murder, or killing.

Some hitmen suggest that you put a fake id and fake description in escrow transactions, such as providing a laptop. But then, if they fail to complete the job, they can just provide proof they have shipped a laptop to that fake id you provided, and escrow.com will send them the funds

Is important to put a real description in escrow, because if there are disputes the escrow admin will check the description and see if it has been done or not.

If the person is not dead then the escrow will send the funds back to you.

There are several escrows that accept anonymity and illegal services, the best one is:


Smart Escrow http://u7oaacqybdnuyzt4nswf7pz4n4fzeqcs3h7zbft6dzbt3r6lowsfipid.onion

It is accepted by most top hitmen services that are real and legit.

In addition you can do your own search for escrow services that accept anonymity and illegal services, and choose the one that you prefer.

However, keep in mind, that never pay the hitman upfront with bitcoin.

Do not pay with cash in person, you could run into an undercover cop and be arrested, or the hitman could take the cash advance and run away.

Do not pay with a credit card, wire transfer because if the hitman gets arrested the payment can be traced back to you by police.

Bottom line

If you always check the reputation of a chosen hitman service to ensure it has no scam complaints, and if you pay with bitcoin anonymously through escrow, you can NOT be scammed.

Update: some of our customers reported that also a multi-sig transaction can ensure safety.

Beware that some hitmen scams falsely claim they offer multi-sig wallets! A multi-sign wallet is a bitcoin wallet where both the customer and the hitman bust provide a digital signature to send funds out from it.

The problem with the multi-sign wallets is that if the hitman refuses to provide a digital signature to send the funds out, you will remain with the funds stuck!!!

You can't send the funds out from a multi-sig wallet if the hitman refuses to. So do never put funds into a multi-sign wallet because you might get the funds stuck there.

How to buy Bitcoin

The easiest way to buy bitcoin is to google how to buy bitcoin in your country.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, this means it needs to be stored digitally on a computer or a phone in a digital wallet.

You can download trusted digital wallets such as http://www.electrum.org and create a wallet for free.

One good option to buy bitcoins is http://paxful.com

They provide you with a free wallet and you can view traders in your city or country that can give you bitcoin for cash or wire transfers.

It is safe to purchase bitcoins with wire transfers, because buying bitcoin is not an illegal act. Anyone can purchase bitcoins for investment purposes.

To ensure that the bitcoins purchased with a wire transfer can not be traced back to you please see the next section.

How to ensure you are not traced when buying Bitcoin

To ensure you don't get tracked, mix the bitcoins.

bitcoin mixer

check with the website where you are sending the bitcoins if they have a built-in bitcoin mixer. If they do, such as the escrow service mentioned above, then you do not need to do additional bitcoin mixing, as double mixing will just result in wasting fees, with no benefits.

However, if the website where you are sending bitcoins does not have a built-in bitcoin mixer, then use a bitcoin mixer such as http://knhqs44gk76fvu7emhdcgln5vnf7fcnsztgesva4bbv62zua5lxlbjyd.onion to remove any traces in your bitcoin activity and delete the history of transactions.

The mixing works like this:

You have one free bitcoin wallet that has your name on it, such as on http://paxful.com or bitpay.com

You create a new free anonymous bitcoin wallet using software like Electrum .

This new wallet is anonymous because doesn't have your name or bank account

You then use the bitcoin mixer to send the bitcoin from your LocalBitcoins wallet, to this anonymous wallet on Electrum.

If anyone asks what you did with the bitcoins that you purchased with a wire transfer on LocalBitcoins, you can say you donated it to a charity.

When sending the bitcoins to the Bitcoin Mixer, it will get replaced with other bitcoins from bitcoin miners, which will be sent back to your anonymous wallet.

This way the link between your bitcoins purchased with your bank account and the bitcoins from the anonymous wallet will be broken.

You can use this top recommended mixer or you can do your own search and use any other bitcoin mixer that you like, but regardless of what mixer you use please check whether it works fine first!

By not paying the hitman upfront you ensure the hitman can't take the money and run.

Remember these 3 things, check hitman reputation, pay with bitcoin through escrow, and use a bitcoin mixer to delete traces of bitcoin activity and you are safe.

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