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How to kidnap your child or anyone else

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There are many reasons for why you would want to kidnap your own child, for example if some gang members kidnaped your child and then you want to rescue him and kidnap him back

Some parents want to kidnap their own child in cases when some other family member took the child away from them illegally.

We do not recommend you to kidnap your own child, is always better to call law enforcement and ask for their help but for any case we do provide tips on how you can kidnap your own child or some one else

The easiest way to do it is to hire a professional to kidnap the child, basically they are trained gang members who know how to disable alarms and how to break into houses, how to use sleeping gas or other methods to make everybody there sleep deeply and take the child before anyone notices.

For example a href="http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion" rel="nofollow">http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion is a site on Dark Web that hosts hundreds of gang members who kill, beat, do arson and kidnap people for money.

This site can be only accessed with the Tor Browser and is not accessible with Firefox, Internet Explorer or Crome.

If you are not familiar with Dark Web read more about it on trusted sources such as Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market

The gang members offering services on that site are able to disable alarms, use sleeping gas and other techniques to put all members of a house to deep sleep and kidnap anyone including children or grow ups.

They are paid when the job is done, they only ask for proof of funds before they start the job.

You can use escrow to ensure that they do not scam you, escrow is a site like http://cryptoe4pei6q7z23udupfvnqke7nrwbiynad4rthtewdbew5jkhphqd.onion that keeps the bitcoin secure in your possession until you get the services that you pay for while showing to the other party that you have bitcoin ready so they are very interested to do the work.

Escrows are useful to show that customers have the money ready, without paying any advance, because many gang members are afraid they are dealing with broke people that have no money, and they refuse to start working until they see some sort of proof

To avoid paying up advances before the job, one can just put the funds in escrow and show to the gang members that the funds are in escrow and waiting for the gang member to do the work.

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