Hire a killer

Hire a killer

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There are many searches for rent a hitman on google because there are many people who want to revenge on someone, to beat him up or to kill him.

Some rent a hitman websites are fake, such as rent-a-hitman dot com. Those who use that website just get arrested.

Other rent a hitman websites are real, such as some o dark web.

Because Police and FBI wants to close the real rent a hitman websites as quicky as possible, these real rent a hitman website need to hide their IP and their hosting company, in order to avoid seisure from law enforcement.

This is why, most real hire a hitman websites are hosted on dark web, a network that can be accessed with the Tor Browser.

The advantage on dark web is that the IP of websites is hidden, and the customers IP is hidden. As a result, the rent a hitman websites on dark web can not be closed by FBI.

Smart customers never get caught because they never meed the real hitmen in person. If a person meets a hitman in person, he risk to meet an undercover agent.

But a customer who places an order online, anonymously, can not be arrested because he is not known.

Rent a hitman dot com has resulted in lots of arrests because they ask customers to meet with their so called hitmen in person.

Rent a hitman sites on dark web never cause customers to be arrested because it does not ask customers to meet with hitmen in person.

We made this website to present factual information about hitmen and how some people rented a hitman and got caught while other people rented a hitman and got away with it.

We present these facts and websites for informational purposes only, we do not support violence and we do not ask anyone to commit violence.

Most people think that if you want to harm someone, you should not ever do it yourself. This is like changing break disks on your car, if you need to do it is better to rent a guy who knows how to do it, instead of doing it yourself and risking to do it wrong.

We do not reccommend anyone to kill a person, and we do not recommend anyone to rent a hitman.

We do not help the murderers, and the content of this site should not be considered advice for would be murderers.

Our best advice to would be murderers is do not rent a hitman and do not kill anyone.

the best thing to do is to find other means to fix the problem without killing him.

When police is investigating a crime, they make a list of suspects they search for someone who know that person and has a reason to do it and was at the murder scene.

Hitmen usually get away with it because they do not personally know the target, they do not leave fingerprints, they do not leave DNA traces, and they wear a mask so that no one sees them there.

People who rent a hitman get away with it because they are not at the murder scene when the killing happens, they travel to a different city and stay there visiting places that have surveilance cameras to have a strong alibi.

Some rent a hitman sites are jokes, such as rent-a-hitman dot com. We are not including their link here because we do not want to promote rent a hitman sites.

Other rent a hitman sites are real, and they provide

First we would like to say that life worth living and you should not kill yourself.

But if you really want to die, the easiest way is to hire a hitman on yourself, they will come, kill you and go away.

If you are lucky they don't come and you just wait. No, I am kidding, they will come and they will shoot you with a silencer and you die painlessly.

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