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Dark Mamba Hitman Service on Dark web is a fake hitman service where one can will not get any contract killer or assassin to murder or beat a person and pay with bitcoin.

hitman service
    Dark Mamba

Tor Url: darkmambawopntdk.onion

Price for killer: $30 000       Online since 2 years ago

Reputation: Poor

Security: Encrypted email

A hire an assassin service that has one page. No ability to create accounts, no ability to login, no encrypted communication system. Just one page where customers can view prices and see the email where to send orders to hire the killer. A fake service . There are complaints from customers who claim being scammed. High prices than on other services, with $30 000 for murder. Dark Mamba hire a killer service can be hired by email, and the killer is asking for advance payment before the job is done.

hire a hitman

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Most hitmen services are on Dark Web and can not be accessed with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, but only with the Tor Browser .

This is free and used by millions of people to avoid censorship.

Read more about Dark Web at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market


While this is a fake hitman for hire service other services like https://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion are real and result in deaths worldwide.

We ask you to not use hitmen services because life can not be brought back once is lost. We ask for law enforcement to close sites like the above.

Description of the site on various places is

hire a hitman
    mexican mafia

Tor Url: https://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion

Average price for murder: $5 000 - $9 000       Online for 4 years

Reputation: Great

Security: Escrow, 0% Advance, Encrypted Communication, Mixer

One of the most reputable hire a hitman service around. Top quality and affordable prices. Shot and run murder of the average person cost $5 000 while killing an important person that is armed or has bodyguards can go up to $60 000, depending on target difficulty. Marks killed by this hire a hitman service has been reported in the news. Offers built-in escrow, accepts external escrows, 0% advance, payment with bitcoin anonymously, they do not ask for customer details. Jobs get done in 7-14 days. This hire a killer service can make it look like an accident for $9000. Has built-in encrypted communication system to allow customers to talk to hitmen and admins.

Killings done by this site have been reportedly seen in the news

As a result we hope that law enforcement will close it soon

Criminals who order murder on hitmen sites are usually paying with bitcoin to hide their traces

They refuse to meet a killer in person as they are afraid he could run into an undercover cop, or that the alleged killer could run away with the 50% cash advance

They think it is not safe to pay a killer with a credit card or bank account online as it could be traced back to them if police arrest the killer.

Most criminals pay for illegal services online with bitcoin through an escrow. The most reputable hitmen sites have escrow services, which means the customer only show proof of bitcoin by placing it into escrow and once the job is completed he releases the funds to the killer.

Most hitmen services found on the internet do a kill for about $5000 as shoot and flee, and for $10 000 they make it look like a car accident, robbery gone wrong or other ways to ensure police won't suspect the customer.


Each person usually has a budget in mind. So whatever he can afford to pay, first he changes it to bitcoin, and later he will browse the hitmen services and find a hitman to hire that accepts that price.

The advantage of paying with bitcoin on the dark web through escrow is that he is always anonymous and he can't be scammed. The murder can not be traced back to someone and the killer can not give his details to the police if he ever gets caught.

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