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Some hitmen that can be hired online are real, and other hitmen are fake.

We are presenting one real case of real hitmen advertising their services online, taking payment, and then succesfully doing the murder.

Lt Col Shishkina

You can google Lt Col Shishkina to find articles about this murder.

On short, you will find many articles about Police investigating the first dark web murder that they found out about. There were many murders before this one but the hitmen were smart enouch to not get caught. In this case the hitmen were teenagers who were unexperienced and they got caught.

You will find news articles like:


The men who killed a Russian police detective last year were reportedly hired on the Darknet


First investigated dark web murder, and first proven dark web murder, BUT NOT THE FIRST DARK WEB MURDER ever.

Because there are hundreds of well experienced hitmen do take orders on dark web, do the jobs, and get away with it without being caught. Because they are experienced and leave no evidence.

When some teenagers who don't have a gun and no experience go and get orders online on dark web to kill someone, they do the murder and then they get arrested. Only to prove that THERE ARE REAL HITMEN ON DARK WEB.

Anyone claiming there are no real hitmen on dark web are wrong. The case above proves that there are hitmen on dark web. Some begginers get caught. Some others do not.

On short the story is this: Abdulaziz Abdulazizov and a friend advertised their hitman services on a dark web marketplace called Hydra. They got a customer that paid them $15 000 USD, to do the assassination. They din't had a gun so the customer had to provide a gun for them. The customer asked them to kill a police officer, Yevgeniya Shishkina, and they did.

Later on they were arrested and charged with the murder. Because they were unexperienced they got traced.

With the story above, we hope that no one else will claim there are no hitmen on dark web. There are. DEFINITELY they are as they have been doing murder

However, there might be also many scams. People could advertise fake services, and try to scam people, and also law enforcement who might put traps.

That is why most customers are using escrow protection when ordering murder for hire, to ensure they don't get ripped off by scam hitmen.

And that is why most customers are never disclosing their own identity, never give their email address, phone, or IP to be protected from law enforcement who might put up fake ads.

Most customers order from reliable hitmen sites that have been proven as legitimate, no scammers and no law enforcement.

They still pay with bitcoin, without exposing their credit card, to make sure that if ever the website gets hacked or closed down by police, no payment data and no personable idenfiable information is found.

Most hitmen sites delete the target information after the order is completd.

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