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List of real hitman services that should be shut down by law enforcement

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On hitmen services we're presenting news and stories of individuals who used hitman services to kill in an effort to get the media attention so they do something about it.

Light is a disinfectant thus we expose hidden hitmen services so that law enforcement can fight against them.

Online hitmen are available for hire in both real and fraudulent forms.

Hire a Hitman services are of 3 types.

Three sorts of hitmen services can be distinguished: legitimate hitmen for hire businesses that are currently operating, legitimate hitmen for hire businesses that have been shut down by law enforcement, and phony hitmen for hire websites that are scams and fail to make any killings

Real hitmen services, up and running, that has yet to be busted.

hire a hitman

Example: http://mexicanwfb2nsjv5lq47bvvbrmpsfipk3ftvgayb52gpveettnn5ykid.onion

This is a site on the dark web and can be ONLY accessed with the Tor Browser . Firefox, Chrome, or Edge won't open it.

Hits did by such hire a hitman services have been reported in the news. We hope the police will fight against them

Example: https://lifebehavior.net/discouraging-the-hiring-of-hitmen-sydneys-underworld-killed-by-hire-a-hitman-marketplace/

We don't ask anyone to use these hitmen services; instead, we present them as to ask law enforcement will do something about it .

There is strong evidence that the murder was done by a hitman from the Mexican Mafia, because there is a forum post with one month earlier before the murder, where a person is asking for the murder to be done.

He is using the alias itmmh and posted a thread on the Mexican Mafia forum on May 22, 2024, and a criminal with the username TheCrow replied he and his partner can do the job

hire a hitman

The target was found dead one month after that, shot by two people in the parking lot

Real hitmen services that have been shut down by law enforcement.

Example: undisclosed site

Proof the sites were real and performed murders, and that have been shut down by law enforcement have been presented in the news




Hire a hitman services that are simple scams.

Even though there is ample Internet evidence that some are frauds, individuals continue to attempt to pay these well-known scam hitmen sites to kill targets, and they are arrested.

rent a hitman

Example of a fake scam hitmen service rentahitman.com

Too many websites and pages call this site a scam to be a legitimate hitman business.

Many people have been arrested after using this site, including a mom who wanted to kill her three years old child

Since 2018, at least 120 people from across the Empire State have turned to the parody site “RentAHitman.com” to try to hire a real-life killer to rub out family members, off an ex, and even torch a school, website owner Bob Innes told The Post.

“It is kind of scary because they do walk among us. They’re out there. People are dangerous, but they’re also blinded by rage,” said Innes, who turns over disturbing requests — from Brooklyn to Boise — to cops.

Robert Innes built this fake hitman site so that he can forward all customer's requests to police

Some news outlets fabricate the idea that all hitmen are fictitious.

Some news publications fabricate the idea that all hitmen are frauds in an effort to deter readers from using the internet to hire killers. Despite the abundant data that suggests certain hitmen services are not fraudulent or scams, some foolish people also mistakenly believe that all of them are.

We do not endorse any hitman hiring services, and we do not ask you to do anything illegal . However, we do wish to be honest journalists and disclose the fact that some hitmen are real while others are not. In the hopes that law enforcement would fight them , those that are true will be exposed here.

Journalists who seek to deter readers from hiring hitmen online produce articles alleging that all internet hitmen services are fraudulent.

They claim that there are no hitmen who have killed individuals on the dark web. Lying, however, is not the answer, if they say they are all false, law enforcement won't bother to investigate, and they won't be shut down.

It is preferable to be honest and to demonstrate which hitmen services are genuine and which are not. They can be shut down by the police.

We're going to give them one example to show them wrong. Of course, there are a lot more, but we don't have the time to compile a list of hundreds of instances of individuals being killed by hitmen working on the dark web. Instead, we provide an illustration to demonstrate the existence of hitmen on the dark web.

Here is one instance of a real hitman soliciting business online, accepting payment, and then carrying out the murder. Even though they were apprehended, that is the only way hitmen are shown in news articles. Those hitmen who kill the targets without being apprehended never appear in news reports.

Lt Col Shishkina

You can google Lt Col Shishkina to find articles about this murder.

Numerous headlines about the police investigating the first homicide they discovered on the dark web. Prior to this murder, there were numerous others, but the hitmen were clever enough to avoid being apprehended. In this instance, the hitmen were young, inexperienced teens who were apprehended.

You will find news articles like:


The men who killed a Russian police detective last year were reportedly hired on the Darknet


First investigated dark web murder, and first proven dark web murder, BUT NOT THE FIRST DARK WEB MURDER .

Many skilled killers are computer literate or clever enough to conceal their IP when offering services. On the dark web, they accept orders, carry out tasks, and avoid detection. Because they are knowledgeable and leave no traces.

Killers with little experience include teenagers who aspire to commit murder. They lack a gun, but they do receive orders from the dark web online. If they receive the payment and a weapon, they commit the murder and are subsequently apprehended. The arrest is then reported in the media as evidence that REAL HITMEN ARE ON THE DARK WEB.

There are genuine hitmen on the dark web, contrary to what anyone may claim. There are hitmen on the dark web, as evidenced by the less experienced killers who are apprehended.

On the Hydra dark web market, Abdulaziz Abdulazizov and a pal posted advertisements for their hitman services. They secured a client who paid them $ 15,000 USD to carry out the murder. They had to get a gun from the customer because they didn't have one. They carried out the client's request to murder Yevgeniya Shishkina, a police officer.

They were later detained and accused of the murder. They were tracked because they lacked experience.

No journalists should ever claim there are no hitmen on the dark web.

Most hitmen sites are scams, but there are a few hitmen services that are real, and criminals pay with bitcoin to have their murders done by these sites.

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