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What Many Do to Try to Get Ahead, Especially in Politics

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While the hitman seems to be most glorified in American films and television, the truth is that this is an industry that is seen all over the world. It does not matter what country a person is talking about, some would hire an assassin to kill their rival to get further up, especially if it is for a government position. If it is closely examined, there are literally thousands of instances throughout history where someone went to hire an assassin to kill their political rival so that they could be king, emperor, prime minister, a senator, or other government official. This happened in the Roman Empire all the time, and there is even a pretty credible belief that it has gone by men who wanted to be Pope. For real! There were popes that had people assassinated. Doesn’t sound very holy does it? The murder for hire route is one that so many find is the perfect alternative. They don’t want to wait around for the position to open to them, and the most sensible thing seems to be, at least to them, to kill off the person who is standing in their way so that they can take the position they feel they are so much better equipped to own. Think about it for a minute. This is how Julius Caesar as well as many other Roman emperors died. This is how kings throughout Europe’s history lost their thrones. In some cases, the military establishment even killed off a ruler because they viewed him as incompetent or dangerous. This happened to the Emperor Nero, and many believe it has happened in China’s history. It is the solution that seems to resolve the problem. Of course, the person who hatches the murder for hire plot is going on the assumption that the people will like them in power more than the one that they had killed. That sometimes proves to be a faulty assumption. It is also likely that if someone employs this tactic to gain power for themselves that someone else will use that same idea against them. The idea of what you reap you sow. Murder is always an ugly mess, and there are rare instances where the hiring of an assassin to kill a political rival works all neat and clean. It may seem like a perfect solution, but it is truly an ugly business.


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